Here are a few of the things I consider to be bullying. It is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Threatening someone with my wrath/cloudbans/reporting to me. Do not use me to intimidate our customers.

  • Threatening someone in general.

  • Revealing another player’s personal information.

  • Extortion.

  • Name-calling.


Does mini-moderating count?

Mini-moderating isn’t bullying. It’s just breaking the rule about reporting stuff instead of stepping in.

Will you update the community guidelines to include all that information?

The FAQ currently contains information about what to do when people break rules, i.e. report to me. My definition of bullying isn’t a rule. It’s a clarification.


Oh, I was talking about the bullet point list in the original post. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know:

Ah, okay. I see now.

What about cyber bullying/cyber stalking?

Same thing this is online

Not really, cyber bullying is more online than physical bullying but they have the same effects. Causing depression and suicide, online is really more hurting someone online. Although they can doxx, your personal information and maybe hire a hitman. A bully, can cause mental distress feeling like your consistently in the wrong whether it being spreading rumors such and such. So, thank you for listening to my Tedtalk.

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Being cyberbullued definitely is not fun. I’ve had a few incidents.

In this case, bullying and cyberbullying are synonymous; they’re interchangeable. What milla mentions here applies mostly online, which is still a form of bullying, except over the internet.


well most of the time cyber bullying is someone bullying someone because they don’t have Jupiter-sized… you know what, and they pick on people online who can’t technically fight them back

if they had opportunity to bully a 7’6 heavyset guy with military training… uh i don’t think they’d have the Jupiter sized thing to bully them in real life, just online

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That’s what this thread is about. The use of cyber is pointless, when talking about our online platforms. It’s clearly about online bullying.


Oh okay!