Bumping after years

What’s with the sudden bump on this thread??


It’s a great idea that’s why people are bumping it up. Why ask when your doing the same thing by posting in the thread lol.

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Yeah but, I bumped it after 3 days. The dude up there bumped it after 5 years…

Please stay on-topic. Start a new thread if you have a query.

In this case, a discussion that is still relevant, since the number of player characters has not changed, was raised with a meaningful argument presented, so it’s okay. Dredging an old thread without actually contributing to the discussion isn’t allowed. Nor is it okay to dredge a thread that is no longer relevant, i.e. one discussing a fixed bug, or a suggestion that has already been added to the game.

Wait, which topic?

This one The 6th Blockhead!