Buy/Sell Unicorns


Hi everyone! Buy or sell caged unicorns here!

I sell rainbow unicorns (the flying ones) for 1000 Platinum coins each.

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On what servers, Wingy?


I can do anywhere with a portal chest.




We dan make a deal soon on Rabbithole. :slight_smile:


Cool, apparently I have in my custom single player world, so I just need to breed a 2 donkey again to make unicorn :slight_smile:


There’s actually like 10 colors of donkeys first.



Will you be able to bring one to my server? If so, I will PM you the name soon.


Do you have a portal chest in it?


Yup, it’s vanilla.


Yeah I know fading server XD and sorry I couldn’t finish the spawn really busy in school about clearances and tomorrow is the last day of school! Hehe


And here I was selling them for 5 plat… :joy:


You’re getting off topic. Could you PM me about it instead?


5 plats good decision XD


Yay! I have an unicorn! Thank you so much! :smiley:

Time to make flappy unicorn game… :lol:


Can we meet up this afternoon?
I’ll pay up to 2000 platinum coins for a unicorn if someone puts an offer before


I’ll just sit here and feed rainbow cake to my donkeys…if I can every find where to craft it.


Will donkeys turn into unicorns if we feed them rainbow cakes?


This is illegal animal trading! Unicorns deserve to be free!


You need to keep breeding and breeding…donkeys won’t just eat rainbow cake, they think it’s gross or something–at least compared to their favorable carrots.