Buy/Sell Unicorns


I’m still selling Unicorns. Pm me if interested. Coloured Unicorns (Grey, Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink and White) Are 100 platinum coins each. Rainbow Unicorns are 200 platinum coins each (:


this unicorn business is really growing fast


Any server ? Do u still sell them ? Diamond survival is the server if u want to sell me the unicorn I can give u 2000 plat coin


Im selling unicorns of all colours for 100 plat. Rainbow unicorns however are 200 plat


sits here selling unicorns for 10 golden chest


Is it? ._.


rainbow ones for 100 plat, but the white ones for 60 plat just becuase they are white.


thats cheap of you


Anyone still interested in buying unicorns? Or has everybody already gotten one they asked for? Just asking if there’s still a chance to sell some. Let me know if you would want a unicorn.


I think the unicorn business crashed


I don’t have one. How much do you want?


I’m interested, sign me up for a tamed unicorn!
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Oh, thank you so much! :blush:


@INeedPie & @OPdude
Any amount good for you is fine!


Selling unicorns for low platinum coin prices is not recommended.

It takes ages to breed a RAINBOW unicorn, and you sell it for 10 platinum coins!?