Buy/Sell Unicorns


im selling unicorns


I’ll buy one @Sugarflop


I sell unicorns too


If successful, I can sell Rainbow unicorns.
I already have a few on base and gave one away to a player in training. But to anyone else, I can sell them… if you think you have the money to buy one. :smiling_imp:

Joking aside, they come at rare or reasonable prices.


I can give free rainbow unicorns. As long as you have portal chest on your server


A moment to remember indeed: when unicorn prices have shot from 100 platinum coins to zero. Truly significant. Next they’ll even be on urgent garbage clearance because the unicorns bred too fast.


^ Not a nessecary comment. They are free to make for anyone. On a children’s game. I think it’s sweet to offer them for free.


Come on, I didn’t say that was a bitter action or anything like that. I just found it really funny and interesting


It can often be hard to interpret people’s intention through text over the internet. It is best to presume someone is a kid and unless you are contributing to the conversation in a positive way. Best to say nothing at all. I personally couldn’t really tell your intention.


Unicorn breeding: supply and demand at its finest
10 unicorns in blockheads = 1000 plat
1000+ unicorns = 100
100,000 unicorns = 0.00 (plus 5.99 shipping and handling)


Imagine the future:

Unicorns! Get yer unicorns here! Free WiFi, Cable, A/C, and housing included for just 0.000001 platinum coins! Cheaper than most unicorn brands!


Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s 0.1 of a cc


Although it has been months if anyone still needs a unicorn I can give them 1 unicorn and 10 rainbow cakes for a price of 200 plat. :slight_smile:


Well I already have unicorns, but if you have dodos to sell, I might buy that


I would like to buy 1 or 2 rainbow unicorns. I don’t have many coins, but I do have some pole items, a level 2 trade portal, 4 amethyst pick axes and 1 emerald pick axe. Thanks.


I used to have all the dodos on my multiplayer world, but I forgot to take them, and now the server is out of credit.
The sadness :expressionless:


You should probably post in the buying and selling thread that isn’t dedicated to unicorns then.


I’m a new owner to a herd of rainbow unicorns. Once I get a portal chest, I’m planning on selling rainbow unicorns for 200 platinum coins. I could also sell any color unicorn for 100. Pm me if you’re interested!


I’m currently trying to get rainbow unicorns on my single player game, and I’m so close! I have purple unicorns right now and waiting for the pink. I’m thinking of selling some rainbow unicorns once I get them. How do I do that? And what should the price be?

Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!
Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!

There is already a thread for buying/selling, but anyway you can sell them in shops on other worlds and you can earn some money.

I think to be fair it should be 150 platinum for one unicorn. :slight_smile: