Buy/Sell Unicorns


Don’t buy Unicorns from the breeders! There are many wild ones out there that need a home!

(Okay, now on a serious note.) Oooh cool, that would be cool, to have a Unicorn. The rainbow ones can fly and walk too right? I forget.


I’d like to buy one!! I have a vanilla server for the trade so pls pm me when u can sell it to me~ Thanks!


I’d like to buy one as well! If you get around to it please dm me so we could meet in a server, Thanks.


Does anyone have a list of all the possible names of unicorns?


Oreo has one - see her guide here: Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide



Here I am being picky… But if It’s possible? Could I buy a pet unicorn called Cinderella and Pegasus?


You can rename your pets to whatever you like - those names are just the names that they can be given when you first tame them :wink:


Oh really?! I didn’t know that. Thank you… I have so much to learn ahh


:confused:How on earth do you find a unicorn


I honestly have no idea


You breed it from donkeys…


My god, I haven’t even discovered flying unicorns yet.


I buy one!


I’m not selling any more Unicorns for a few days.


im willing to buy it! Please PM me!


Aww. When you will, can I maybe buy a new one? One of my friends wanted one too, at my server, and I thought of getting them one as a gift… Just reply in the already existing PM when you can.


Aaaanndddd… Then everyone pulls out their supershop :joy:


Btw if u gonna breed them not carrot using rainbow cup cake! :wink:


Some one make a YT video how to make unicorns!! It would be helpful :wink:


I have basically given up on trying to breed a unicorn…
therefore, I want to buy one