Buy/Sell Unicorns


You should try breeding one! It’s much more fun and is a good learning experience if you ever want another unicorn.


i am paying to win… :confused:


I found that coming off as rude, I myself wouldn’t mind purchasing one myself, and even if I didn’t that doesn’t give anyone a reason to say that someone can’t do as they please in a game

The only seller rn is wingysam, and he has a long wait line


That’s like asking for someone to stop going to the grocery store.


But if someone knocks on your door to ask for grocery shopping that is wrong. He goes off topic on some posts


Your allowed to ask for unicorns, let me say that.


BUt it is not allowed to reply a thread that hasn’t nothing to do with unicorns


This thread is literally asking for a unicorn.


click on the quote and you’ll see


@The_Juicey_Ace, whether he was being off topic on another thread or not, derailing his thread with rude comments, and then justify it by saying that he does it, so you can, is hypocritical

Moved to #questions, #multiplayer is for servers and server groups


I said “a few”. This could mean 1 day, or 15 days.


Try breeding whilst you wait? Maybe you can get a unicorn first. It takes a lot of patience, but everytime I see a new color it does make me excited (a scream or gasp sometimes included).


I can’t even get a donkey to spawn :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wow! That’s great!


I got red tamed before I got yellow :laughing:. Talk about backwards

But I need cake still for unicorns


I’m willing to sell cake!


i’ll by some on my server


what type of color unicorn are you tryin to obtain? Red, orange, green, white, brown, pink, blue, yellow, black, purple, grey, rainbow?


link is broken


can you sell me wingysam… i can pay for 2000 platinum each. visit me @ earthopia