Buying Paintings and Paint at Trade Portals!


With this suggestion, you can buy paintings and paint at the trade portal.


I would suggest having a separate tab/category showing a bucket with multiple color paint inside it at the trade portal. The price is based on the materials to make it, (including different kinds of pigment for paint) and the crafting time. There would also be an extra fee for this unquie way.

In the trade portal, you’d press “BUY” and the pigment selection from the mixing bench will appear.
Level 2 Trade Portal = 1 Pigment
Level 4 Trade Portal = 2 Pigments
Level 6 Trade Portal = 3 Pigments
Instead of showing “Level 2/3 Mixing Bench Required,” the trade portal would show “Level 4 Trade Portal Required for Second Pigment.” Would this ruin the unquie and creativity of paint?

Also, you can buy paint stripper with just the click of “BUY.”

When clicked “BUY,” you will have the options as on the easal.
Level 2 Trade Portal = Small Paintings
Level 4 Trade Portal = Medium Paintings
Level 6 Trade Portal = Large Paintings
NOTE: Each painting size (Medium Landscape, Medium Portrait, Small Square) will have its each own BUY button. When the trade portal is not high enough level for that, then it would show the regular thing on all other items when the level is not high enough.

Useful for…

  • Quick, Paint on the go. And that’s all I can say. .-.

  • Also, you can only buy 1 at a time like baskets in the future.


Paint sounds like a good idea!! But being able to buy paintings at a tp would seem a bit weird.


What about prepare paintings? Like Starry Night, the Mona Lisa… etc.


Maybe add a way where you can search the web for a picture right away?


What about predefined paintings?


I would like this but only if it could be turned off, in an economy situation paint and paintings can make you good money! In one server I have been playing on for 3 or so months, I’ve already earned 99 platinum.


I’m not sure about paintings, but paint sounds cool, reminds how when you by fancy paint from Walmart or someplace and they mix it up for you.


i think that would be art piracy


I love this idea!
Although, buying painting seems a little complicated. Feel free to reply because I’m a little confused.


Hmm, but you can buy all the ingredients for the paints though. But I do want to buy the extra colours for the tulips. But the problem is you have to of found each colour at least once. I don’t have black or purple.


great idea. saves me from waiting 24hours to craft 1000 paint