Buying Tulip in Trade portals!

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I don't know if someone might have brought this thread before but here we go... I am thinking about adding tulips' seeds and bulbs in the trade portals. One time I had a server, and I couldn't find any single tulip seed anywhere! I always wanted to create a beautiful tulip farm and it is very rare to find tulip in my world but it's not as rare as you can find cave trolls. For you guys, maybe it fun to buy tulips and also it will be good for servers or worlds that does not have much tulips.

How tulip seeds and bulbs works?

Well, the seeds will be randomized and whatever you buy will be a different color or same color depending on a randomness. Now the complication begins... you know seeds are little different on bulbs, the seed passes down from the origin color of the tulip. When you buy the bulbs, the bulbs will depend on the latest seeds you bought. Like for an example: You bought Red Tulip bulb, then you bought another bulb which is black, and then you decided to mix them by buying the tulip seeds. So you bought it and now you planted. It came out a beautiful hybrid Red and Black. Now if you don't want the hybrid black tulip again or mixed with black(because it is the latest) then you can always press clear/restart button somewhere in the trade portal. Also if you would like a purebred tulip, just buy the type of bulbs you like and then keep buying the bulbs to CLONE tulips. Ex: You bought the Pink(I don't know if it exists)seed, and then continues to buy more of the same bulbs. Seed are a perfect way of making a hybrids tulips.

More information about tulip and how to breed, etc: A full tulip guide

Scarlet’s Hint: If you enjoy flowers, please mine that tulip and go ahead and make a farm, also remember SEED are randomized depending on their inherited trait and bulbs are exactly the same origin, Think BULB are CLONING and seed is a completely new version of the tulip.

Edit: Also if you caught some mistake please Pm me, don’t do it in the comment! If you have questions about this, want to say something about this, or anything else that is long as it is about this. No arguments, no of negativity comments, and no off-topic, please! If you have disagreements with somebody please PM them, I don’t want arguments or issues. Have fun!


Good idea, but isn’t it better if tulips stay rare? If you could buy rare ones easily from the trade portal, it would lower their rarity, and everyone would have them, making them lose their special quality. I think what makes tulips special is all the work you have to put in. You have to travel to find tulips, breed them to make hybrids, and make farms and storage systems. Being able to buy them straight from the trade portal would ruin all of the above reasons which is why, in my opinion, tulips are special.


Maybe in limited time like You can do this only in Custom world or something. Or holiday?

I like the idea as I’ve had worlds where I can’t find white or blue tulips anywhere. But maybe keep it to just the basic colours (red, yellow, white and blue) for standard worlds, and have the option of any colour or hybrid for custom worlds.


I mean that would be cool. Maybe only do the basic colors like red, yellow, blue, white and purple. I kinda messed up on my breeding and all my purple tulips are mutated.

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It would be cool, but I doubt it’ll ever happen at this rate.