Caging cave trolls

Do yaw think caging cave trolls should be a thing it would help get them to spawn and u could transport then thru the portal chest to other server and I kinda want a caged cave troll

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I think that’d be too overpowered.

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Maybe you’d have to make a different kind of cage, requiring rarer materials.


Ah ha! Titanium cage!!!


imagine being able to teleport individual pets to portals in a new gui :upside_down_face:

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Also since game of thrones i always loved the idea of dragons in blockheads

Caged trolls and dragons, that would be OP :thumbsup:

maybe in a future update, who knows

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yeah a good balance of op, though i still doubt 1.8 would ever exist that does sound good

also it’d be too op to teleport pets for free, so maybe like, 1/10th of the normal amount for a player

ex. if the player is 100 tc worth away from spawn, then it’d just be 10, assuming that the pet in question is within that same distance of the player

Caging cave trolls also opens up bad intents for script kiddies and those who duplication methods.

Even if all possible duplication methods were fixed, script kiddies would probably be able to use its item ID to replicate caged cave trolls.