Calebrated Gamer has been having trouble lately!


I can ask him for more information if needed.

Update (edited by milla):

Side screen glitch
Huawei mate 20 pro support
Can't see my items, please help
Inventories covered up with black bar on some phones + aspect ratio problems

does he have rotation lock on?


Do Android devices have rotation lock?



There are some issues with the Pixel 2 so I’m not really surprised.


I’ve told him that. I’m waiting for a response.


Yeah well you should also tell him to cool his jets. This ain’t no party! This ain’t no disco! This ain’t no foolin around.


Anybody know a fix?


Have you suggested he make a profile on the forums? :8ball:

Why isn’t he here? Such a fun “celebrated” guy.


I’ll ask him right now.


Cool your beans, KillJoy. Lol. I’ve been at work all day. My buddy here was just helping me out by hopping on the forums for me.

Thanks for your help, bud. I’ll probably just start the game over, no biggie!

But uh, if anyone has any friendly suggestions, I’m all ears!


I’m Melonade Man on YouTube (if that somehow wasn’t already clear).

Just a heads up, you might wanna check the forum rules/guidelines so you can get used to everything.


I’ll run check those out now! Thanks buddy!


No problem!


I have a good deal on a sense of humor if you are interested. Only slightly used.


Naw, I never had a need for a sense of humor anyway. :wink: Lol


I think you should just delete the game and download it again at this point.


Hello! When you launch the game, was your device rotated in any way? When you open the game with your device tilted, the game thinks that you are playing lying down and will flip accordingly. When you try to straighten your device at this point, the game will be flipped in the wrong direction sometimes. (At least that what happens to me all the time.) When you open the game, try to keep your device straight up. Maybe it would help :slight_smile:


Thank you! Sorry, I wanted to respond to this forum sooner, but as a new member of The Forum I have a limited amount of replies at any given time. Lol


so normally the game can scrunch up a bit to show this bar on my Android, in case I need to go out of the game or go to the home menu or something. Typically, even when it does this, it still shows my inventory.

But now for some reason, this black bar shows in it’s place all the time, and the game doesn’t accommodate for it at all. I’m slowly learning that it doesn’t totally break the game, but it just means that I have to click the boxes blindly to grab the items I need. It’s more annoying and visually unappealing than anything. And honestly, I don’t blame it on the creators of The Blockheads, I blame it on the new update that Google pushed out recently.

Edit: sorry for double posting earlier. I was having trouble uploading more than one image per post via mobile and I wasn’t thinking! :slight_smile:


It looks like the tool bar on your phone is interfering with your app. Does it do this in all your apps? This must be extremely frustrating. I would be complaining to google. Their phones are expensive they should be able to redesign the tool bar so it swipes away when not in use.