Calebrated Gamer has been having trouble lately!


Well it’s never done this before. But now (thanks to a recent phone update I believe) it won’t go away in this app, and it pops up randomly all the time in the YouTube app, which are honestly the only two apps I really use all the time on this phone. Lol :upside_down_face:


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So all of this problem is after the new Update(Android 9.0 Pie if not mistaken) or it happened even before the update?
If this is the case,then a rollback to Android Oreo might fix the problem…but it’s a risky and complicated process.I would advise to wait for an update for the app.
But no matter what,always try the following first:
1-Restarting the app
2-Reboot your devise
3-reinstall the app(This can delete your existing single player worlds)


@noodlecake_ben @NoodlecakeDerek You might wanna read the post that I’m replying to.


I think the noodlecake devlopers should be dealing with this problem :wink:




Hey, could you try turning gesture navigation on and see if the problem persists?

As for me this only happens when I open chat, but goes back when I close it. Strange. :thinking:


@Zen I May try to roll back, but honestly I don’t want to mess up my phone for one series.

@JarlPenguin It’s so weird. The update seemed like it would work but then it kept the black bar.


Even after enabling gesture navigation?


@JarlPenguin Yeah, it’s enabled now and for some reason the bar still exists.

What’s weird is my recording app, when it starts, for a brief moment makes the black bar go away. But then it comes back immediately. I know it’s not the recorders fault as I’ve used both apps many times before the update without any issue.


Huh, that’s really weird…


So that bar only exists if the recorder is running?
I wonder if the bar is still there if it’s in vertical position…
EDIT:anyone knows what screen recorder is that?


I don’t think so.

@CalebratedGamer Have you looked for a possible solution elsewhere too?


maybe the recorder itself?


Try using Rec. It is pretty solid IMO.


thank you all. No, the problem isn’t the recorder. What I was trying to say was that the black bar is just there when I play the game all the time now. The only time the black bar goes away, for only a brief moment, is when I use the recorder. The recorder is not the problem, unfortunately. the black bar is still there in a vertical position as well as in a horizontal position.
I use a recorder called AZ recorder, but like I said, the black bar appears even when I’m not using the recorder.

@WumboJumbo no, I’ve actually been out of town all weekend, just now getting back. I might try to see if somewhere else can help but if the forums can’t help then I doubt there’s any help for me until someone fixes the update.


@CalebratedGamer Is the black bar just on The Blockheads and not any other app? Have you searched the web to see if anybody else has had your problem on other apps?


This might be a really dumb question, but have you tried rebooting your phone yet?


The black bar is only on Blockheads. Haven’t has issue on any other apps, with the exception of sometimes YouTube having a bar, though it disappears easily. I’ll check to see if the bar is a more general issue.

And @milla, no worries, everything helps! Do you mean a simple restart, or do you mean, like, rebooting the whole phone? I have reset the phone a few times, hoping that would do it, but no luck.


I mean completely shutting the phone down, then booting it, so the operating system is loaded anew. If an OS is running for too long continuously the session can get stale, with services hanging, and stuff malfunctioning as a result. If a problem is caused by this rebooting will fix it. If not then I advise contacting Noodlecake Studios, the Android developer :slight_smile:


Where can you contact Noodlecake Studios?