Calebrated Gamer has been having trouble lately!


I’d try the contact infos on their website. I don’t expect them to be fake.



Thank you so much for all your help everyone! :heart:
@milla I just tried rebooting, and no luck.
Thank you and @WumboJumbo for pointing me in the direction of Noodlecake, I’ll shoot them a message! Best of luck to us :grin:


Best of luck! :crossed_fingers:


Sent it last night! I’ll let y’all know how it turned out! :heart::crossed_fingers:


Hope it goes well!


I can’t wait to see how it turned out!


Good luck!


And now we wait.


As an update to everyone, unfortunately, the advice/help they responded with didn’t quite help. I’m hoping the development team may still be able to help me.

Inventories covered up with black bar on some phones + aspect ratio problems
Huawei mate 20 pro support

Have you replied to them asking them to clarify on what they said?


No, I was hoping it was implied with what I responded, but maybe I should ask and be more specific.


Yeah, go ahead and do so.


As an update to all, no luck. The glitch doesn’t ruin the game and with some simple video edits the average YouTube viewer won’t be any the wiser :joy:
But I’m going to make a video about this who trial, complete with a sad montage of my old world, and you guys helping me out :joy::grin: It’s gonna be fun! Thanks everyone for your help though!! :grin:




Dang, I was hoping this video was about to show my issue, I was freaking out I was so excited :joy: lol


I was hoping too. :frowning:


This could work.


Note that it’s for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.