Can a portal chest be robbed?


I am wondering if I go to a multiplayer world and I put items in my portal chest then leave to another world to take it out, could someone rob it while I was changing worlds?
Also as a side question, can I use a portal chest someone else made, and if so do they have separate inventories for the two players?


You can only see or take out what you put in a portal chest on your device. If you haven’t put anything into a portal chest and you open one it will be empty.


So if I put a coin inside a PC, another player cant take it out of the PC even if we are on the same world?




What Shariu said. I use to think of it as similar to an irl cloud storage like iCloud or Dropbox or whatever. You can access your content from every computer, but other people normally can’t, even if they use your computer.
So the Blockhead items are not stored inside the portal chest, but the portal chest (any portal chest!) provides your access to your items. Even if someone steals your portal chest, he can only access his own items.

I know this analogy is not 100 % correct, but I find it helpful to understand how portal chests work.


thanks so much everyone :smiley:


It’s true. I’m an admin and sometimes I open portal chests that are in other people bases. Only my items appear in the portal chests when I open it. Besides, a portal chest YOU placed, can’t be opened by anyone other than admins and I’m sure none of them can see what you placed inside.


Nobody but the person who places items in the PC can see those items. If anyone else opens a PC they see their own PC contents.


It’s like an ender chest in Minecraft.


It’s like an ender chest in Minecraft.

But across all worlds and not just one.


Yeah like that


And they don’t turn into obsidian if you break them.


It’s more like the piggy bank and safe from Terraria.

  • items stored in there can be used by you and you alone
  • person who access your piggy bank/portal chest will only see the items they stored there
  • picking up the item will give you the item and not something else
  • across all worlds

But unlike the piggy bank in which the portal chest can

  • be accessed by all of your characters, in contrast to terraria’s own which only the current character’s storage can be seen


That makes sense


I have never been robbed from a portal chest. I hope it isn’t added that you can be robbed from


Through the game mechanics, it is impossible to empty out someone else’s portal chest and take their items.

But an admin or higher can remove a portal chest someone else placed. But that’s it: