Can a tulip have a mutant lip?

I was making orange tulips when I suddenly saw this sharp yellow lip. What differentiates mutations from hybrids?

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Take a look at this.

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I think that it answers most questions, but not all? I feel like there are case specific scenarios out there (that I don’t know of yet) that could seem very bizzare to the average player. For example, I was growing orange tulips when I suddenly got a blue lip.

Seed mutations are occasionally very random. Though unusual, I think it’s technically possible to jump to an entirely different solid colour provided the odds are in your favour.

Does it mean that you are technically implying I could get all the tulip colour variants just from the 2 tulip colours I have? (red and yellow. Now orange too!)

I don’t know if you can get them all, but you can get quite a variety. I ran a server that was mostly sand based, and had 10 dirt blocks on the entire server. Those dirts blocks randomly generated just two red tulips. We ended up with a really good variety- even black tulips. So yeah, I believe most combinations would be possible with a red and yellow.

Since the mutations are super random, yeah. Might take you quite a while, though.