Can Blockheads Team players be banned?


Can supermods get banned?

What was the first server you were made admin on?

No they can not.


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For the record, there is no such thing as a supermod. Blockheads staff are classified as “super-administrators”, but the title we have in-game is Blockheads Team.


Can Dave ban them?


We can be blacklisted/adminned/kicked/whitelisted/modded, but since we have access to everyone’s lists and have owner access on all worlds it is a bit pointless to do any of those things. We can also join passworded worlds without entering a password.

Dave and I can also cloud-ban Blockheads Team/super-administrators.


Well thx for answering that question for me. Sorry if it was annoying. Ill try to ask more sensible questions… From now on.


Not annoying at all. Just posted in the wrong place :slight_smile:


Ok then