Can gem on gem trees fall like fruit?


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  • Yes
  • No

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Though we could say that gems are not fruit so they won’t fall right? :slight_smile:


They don’t. This question is not solved by poll majorities


Alright , alright :smiley: . Just doesnt make sense that gems would fall off after a season . If they did, the sky would be raining gems :smiley:




They would fall on the dirt.
It actually doesn’t make any sense that they don’t fall…
They’re heavier than an apple.
A gem the size of your head…


Yeah, pretty weird that trees that grow gemstones on floating islands don’t make their fruit fall. :man_shrugging:


Gems from trees do not fall, possibly because these trees are fictional.


Seems legit.


If they fell, then during a walk you might find a gem or two on ground level :joy: (I think some trees hang over the edge of islands, if not then that’s too bad)

Wouldn’t that be cool while in a new game? You find a ruby on the ground outside your base.