Can Hackers use Repair?


I’ve had some problems with greifing and it looks like repair mode has been used, is it likely to be a bad admin or a hacker?


most likely a bad admin…


oof, seems tough, is it possible to track admin commands as a server owner?


Thank you for your suggestions, ill try track admin commands although i don’t think it’d help as other admins use repair just for fixing things.


Check the owner portal.


keep a close eye on your server and the admins.
maybe you can use the owner portal to see who is using repair and come online to check what they use repair for.


Try to narrow down which admins you trust the most vs. least and check the server often to see who is online and doing damage between your own logins. That should give you a narrow window of activity to see who is using /repair for the wrong purposes.


Easy way to check is just visit your chat logs


Just as a note: Those using the work of hackers, who are not hackers, but cheats, can only do what the hacker’s product allows them to do. That’s less than you might think.

Note that if you admin or give your credentials for the owner’s portal to someone, they can do all this stuff, so don’t admin people you don’t trust, and never give your OP credentials to anyone at all. If you share your login with another person and they do damage, we take no responsibility for it.