Can I get admin on an abandoned world?

majicDave Is there a way to get admin in a world I just added credit to? It was my very first world I ever joined and I would love to fix it up. It’s been abandoned for years. It’s called “Herbert Land”. Spawn is trashed every time I add credit I try and fix it but there are so many columns blocked everything. I can’t find the owner :frowning: as it’s been too many years. The whole spawn/sky/underground is trashed! I added a couple pics. PIE14 was the creator. Thanks

I’ll say no. Milla can’t just randomly admin people just because they added credit


Unfortunately the person you pinged hasn’t been on the forum since last year’s November… erm… for that reason, you should DM milla.

But I should mention that it’s unlikely that you will get admin because that’s the discretion of the owner.

I’m not asking because I added credit. I’m asking because I want to fix it up because it looks like trash.

You’re still going to need the permission of the owner.

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explicit permission and instruction from the owner is required, no exceptions to such

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No, I’m afraid that’s not how it works. Each world belongs to its owner, and no changes will be made without their explicit request. The reason for this is to protect worlds from take-over by a third party, which is something that gets attempted a lot.

You are welcome to resurrect cloud worlds you own, but we don’t award world privileges to third parties.

Please don’t @ Dave about this game. He is really busy and focused on his new game, Sapiens, which is in alpha.