Can I revive an old account?


Hello, I was wondering if i can revive an old account on the game. My account name was Forest of Dreams if that helps. I used to play on it around 2014 on my kindle. I no longer have it and want it back. Thanks for the help!


If your on the same device I believe you just have to make that your name again. If not, i don’t think there’s any way.


i don’t think there’s ANY way of getting it back. Your safest bet is to get on the owner portal and get a new account to admin.
That is of course if you want your servers to cost money


If you have the in-game support ID from the device the old account was on then you could get it back, but only if you have said support ID. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you probably don’t have it.


Ignore all the above advice and contact the community manager milla via PM and explain the situation. She will work out if there is a way to fix it.


Thank you all for the suggestions!