Can I stop my wheat from dying?

I’m close to the south poker on my world, but I put my wheat in the top of my building, and out torches there. Do I need glass or do I need to heat them up, and if so, how?

You need compost if it’s not near any grass. If you can’t get any compost, plant it on regular grass.

So like compost? I also have coconut trees outside…I’ll make some compost and see if that wirks

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Your area likely needs to be both warmer and brighter. Some quick tips I can offer:
Starting from the highest wood block, build an additional four blocks upward, do NOT use more wood, only stone or limestone. This applies to the first two layers. On the third, place a couple campfires, making sure to keep it at a 2-block distance from flammable objects. If your main manner of going upwards is ladders, have a small antechamber beside your farm that follows the same structural rules as the padding I’ve so far recommended. Place another layer of non-flammable materials, and then your dirt/compost. For lights, place at least four, spaced evenly. Your flax isn’t growing due to lack of space, you’ll need to bring the roof higher by one block.

Yep, you need compost and more light and heat. I prefer to use kilns or furnaces because they generate heat without the fire danger of campfires. If you are trying to also spawn yaks, I think they need open back wall as well, but that would let the cold in.

Wait, are you talking about compost?

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Yes, sorry. Will edit it.

It’s possible to, before you plant, after you build the room, remove the one spot of backwall just above the layer of dirt/compost.

That should be enough to allow the yaks to spawn and also keep things warm.

Let me know if it works.