Can someone help me about this error of connection error?

I have been playing on my server The Sky for a lot of months.

But a thing happened.

It is a error saying connection error again and again
Can someone help me on this??

hmm computer will be good I think right??

And thank u for your help

And @BeakBoi20 I think milla can fix this??

And this error happened on my iPad though

Also how do I transfer my owner portal to my another device??
Because I want to keep my owner portal.

well that is a good idea!!
Thanks for the help I really appreciate it!!

Now this topic will be deleted because u told me a nice idea and I will buy a new iPad in a few days or a week or so.

I can’t find the delete topic option so im gonna help and talk in other topics ok so u can talk to me anytime.

It is a common issue amongst unsupported devices:

Sadly enough, there’s not much that can be done about it. :frowning: