Can’t join online world

My friend can’t join my world so it said “ connection error please ensure you are connected to the internet and have updated to the latest version of the blockheads”.
//My friend already updated and have connected to internet.


Sometimes it depends on the type of device you have, my sibling’s iPod is old and it’s updated as best as it can and is always connected to internet but it still doesn’t work. Maybe u can try connecting the internet to something else, or if the device is old it might be able to be traded in for an updated new version.


Is your friend playing on an iOS device or an Android device?

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Thank you for your answer.
My friend’s phone is iphone12.I will ask my friend.

Thank you for your answer.
On ios device.;-;

I seem to be having a similar problem. Hopefully this issue is temporary. Please let me know if your friend is able to connect at some point so I can ask for advice in trying to join other worlds. :lol:


Is your world a cloud world, or a world hosted on your device? Are they on the same local network as you, or are they somewhere else? Which OSs/app resellers are you each using?

G’day, milla:

Apologies, but I am not sure what the difference between a “cloud world” and a “device hosted world” is…

I can only assume that the world I‘ve made is a device hosted world because it’s the very first world created when I installed the game.

I’m not sure what an “app reseller” is… forgive me, I need a bit of explanation. My phone is an iPhone XR, bought new, no jailbreaks or modifications [besides disabling iCloud and toggling dark mode] made.


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There are three kinds of worlds.

The first is a single-player world, which is stored on your device. This, if you are playing on an Apple device, can be used as a multiplayer server if you are on the same wifi network as the people joining. Both Apple and Android clients can connect via your wifi network. This is what I mean by device-hosted.

The second and third types are multiplayer worlds. One is hosted on our online cloud platform, which costs us money to provide, and thus we charge you to host it there.

The other is hosted on a Mac computer, and is free, but someone has to have a Mac set up to make it all work. Wingysam is one of our veteran community members, and he provides people with free Mac worlds, hosted on his Mac.

The app reseller would be where you got the app from. It could be Google, Apple, or Amazon, though the latter is no longer being updated. In your case it would be the App Store owned by Apple, but where is your friend getting the app from?


Thank you for the definitions, milla. :cheerful:

Do you have any information on why Game Center based multiplayer was removed? I’ve tried looking for it, but it appears it isn’t an option any more.

That was my main form of multiplayer in the game [with occasional joining cloud servers] back on my previous time playing the game.


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No problem.

I’ve posted in the other thread with a link for you to try on your phone or iPad.

HArd reset it happend to me once hard reset boom back to normal

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That’s a drastic step to take. It should be the last resort.

I agree