Can’t join server


Delete with pencil did I do yes ok now I can’t get help why is everything hard


I don’t think you should show your support Id out here. The right thing to do is to dm milla the support I’d


I am


I can see this post. Please remove the support id


Wdym im telling milla so she’s can help


Don’t share you support id with anyone except for milla. The public can see your support id


Y try to stop her from helping me my good friend told me to say it :frowning:

Oh I can’t dm so

I can’t post anymore:<

but better than nothin yno

@Jensonw87 world portal is what that

Gtg everyone bye @Princess_Sarah @WumboJumbo @Jensonw87 @agentpinkdog what pencil


You probably don’t have a good friend then.


I’m not trying to stop you from getting help. All I am saying is that if people know your support id. They can abscess you world portal so it is best that you privately dm milla your id

Read alll about support ids… How to find your Support ID


But don’t say it in public you’d be better just pming her and not posting it for everyone to see


They already found their support ID.


Try to click on the pencil below your post and you‘ll be able to delete your id :wink:


It says not to show the support I’d to anyone and extra info


You already uploaded a picture of that.


this one :slight_smile:


I have to say, we prefer that you do as we ask in the game interface, rather than what your friends tell you. That SID needs to be kept confidential for very good reasons, or we wouldn’t ask you to do so :slight_smile:

In this instance the support ID is not needed. Can you please tell me which world this is about, and what happens when you try to join? Also, which device are you playing on, which OS version is it running, and does this happen when you try to join other worlds? Lastly, please tell me if you’re connecting via wifi, 3G, or 4G.


Or 5G. :wink:


Given how little of the planet has had it rolled out, I didn’t feel the need to mention it.


This is any world rly I have ios 9.3.3 I have 4g


Have you tried updating your device?