Can’t join servers (wifi)



Hai I have a question why can’t I play the blockheads when using public WiFi? I can do everything else like play other games, watch YouTube, scroll Instagram and watch Instagram videos/stories use Snapchat and everything else but I can’t play the blockheads and join servers? It just doesn’t let me go in and says connection lost I’m so confused
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I don’t think it’s a problem with your wifi because the world shows the live player count already.



Some public wifis such as schools or place I have found just do not support it.It is so annoying! It never works when I am in class lectures!


I’m pretty sure all public school wifis block any outgoing communication except when it comes to browsers and websites.


It was the WiFi but I ended up using Asda’s WiFi and it let me join servers probably something wrong with their WiFi


It won’t be anything wrong. It will be that they only permit traffic on certain ports. For example, they’ll have mail ports, such as 25, 465, and 110 open, so people can send and receive email. They probably have any non-standard ports, and ports used for services they don’t wish you to use on their network, closed.


funny, i cant join servers with cellular on, started after 1.7 and no milla, it happened before jailbreak


what does this mean?


I think this would be because of of your organisation, some schools, like mine, block the wifi so that students cannot play games with the wifi. My school blocks game sites and us from installing apps. I found a way around installing apps, so i could play the blockheads. The solution to this problem would be getting a good VPN that isn’t laggy. This should solve the problem


I’m assuming it happened before he jailbreaked his phone.


Control alt bingo


There tends to be problems with WiFi’s and it’s better of using Data if you have enough or waiting to go home to a pure WiFi, it’s nothing about your game just your WiFi in that shop. Some WiFi’s show they have a pure signal but that’s just the shop trying to make you use the WiFi, always only use the WiFi with the bars swapping from 3-4 every few seconds as you know their signal is the best.