Can’t open the game


I cant open the game i press on the app icon and then this comes

I waited for 5 mins but the game didnt showed up also I restarted my ipad

Can everyone get on The B᷉᷈l᷉᷈o᷉᷈c᷉᷈k᷉᷈h᷉᷈e᷉᷈a᷉᷈d᷉᷈?
Loading problem
Loading problem
1.7.4 Bug Fix Update is Out!
The Blockheads Doesn’t Load When Opened
The Blockheads Doesn’t Load When Opened
Blockheads not working!
1.7.4 Bug Fix Update is Out!

Um…your device information please(device model,iOS version and blockheads version)?
My solution for now is just reinstall,but please don’t do that until we have more information.


Nvm now i can open the game thanks for coming up zen


That’s good to hear :smiley:


That happened to me, just a blue screen when opening up the game. I left my phone there for a while and then it showed the servers.




Happened to me aswell


Same here
But it’s totally understandable if it’s like “nah I’m too tired, unmotivated, etc. to deal with your crap”
But at the same time I kinda wanna play some Blockheads, sooo
You gotta push it iPad


Sometimes when I open The Blockheads, it just sits there with a blank blue screen. I have waited about half an hour with my device on and it is still here. I have to close the app and re-open it. The app might have been opened already but never fully closed.

I think the app is usually in split screen when this happens.

iOS 12.2
iPad Air 2


simular problem with me, there seems to be many experiencing this


@KP7 long time no see! Nice to see you on starlight sky’s again. I think your situation may be similar to this thread: Can’t open the game
I think closing and reopening the app might be a way to solve the problem. You should also check your WiFi connection; it takes longer to load with lower WiFi bars.


Maybe try updating your iPad Air 2 to iOS 12.3 and see if that makes any difference?


I think I keep seeing this problem recently,but it should work by just reloading the app.I wonder if the new update caused this.


Yeah, it probably did.


Can everyone experiencing this please tell me if the app loads when your device is in airplane mode?


I think when you dont have connection the game doesn’t opens but i’m not sure about it


Sometimes it doesn’t even show that blue screen - airplane mode or not.


I am not in airplane mode when this happens. I am usually in split screen though. I don’t think split screen is the reason why but it might be important to know.


Can anyone who has not tried launching the game in airplane mode, please do so.


I can’t connect to servers that way. That’s airplane mode’s point. But launching the game seems to be fine for me.