Can’t send email to Noodlecake Support

Hi, I’m a new person in these forums, so nice to meet you all. Anyway, I tried sending an email to the Noodlecake Support and I was sent back a email saying that the email doesn’t exist. I tried checking to make sure the email I was writing to was correct and it was. Is there a 2nd possible solution for asking for support to Noodlecake?

As far as I’m concerned, Noodlecake Studios no longer provides support for the Android version of the game. Their email service might be down right now, but this is the correct email address.

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Oh ok, thanks for the help.

Noodlecake’s support email (support at should still work. It’s just the Blockheads-specific one that would have stopped working. They no longer support the game at all.

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Maybe a topic should be created in #news-announcements about that? It seems like more than enough of a big deal to deserve a topic in #news-announcements.