Can’t tame donkeys

I have a farm and the farthest I have gotten to with breeding my donkeys were blue ones. I can’t seem to tame any as they take so long to tame. I cage a donkey, put it in a room where the feeder chests have no food, and meditate. I keep checking and it says that the donkey isn’t hungry. How do I tame them?? It is taking so long and they keep dying even though they eat!!

In the picture you added, it shows snow on the floor, maybe it’s too cold for the donkeys to survive? Maybe try to tame them in a warmer area and see if it does anything else


Maybe remove the feeder chests? They feed them and it makes it very difficult to tame

I’ll try. Thank you

You can only tame them if you feed them yourself, I think. So the feeder chests will only make it worse.

I know that I have to feed them myself. Normally I move one to a room where the feeder chests are empty, keep meditating and feeding them whenever they get hungry but it takes a long time. Thank you though.

Hmmm. I think there is a number of feeds you need to tame them…

Edit: yeah you need to feed them 5-6 times to tame them, without hitting them at all. More info in the Complete Guide To Mob Breeding.

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The one by @222oreo333?

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This is the link to the extremely helpful one I used. I hope I got the right link…


make sure you feed them 2 times when they are babies. That can make all the difference sometimes.