Can’t tap almost anything


For some reason, I cannot tap anything but the chat button, a space to move, and scrolling. Aka, I cant tap my inventory, the pause button, the blockhead button, the d-pad, or the picture of my blockhead. I am not sure why. When i closed the app and reopened it, it worked again.


So, problem resolved?


Yes, but I don’t know why it happened.


Probably your touchscreen is bad/greasy or the game ftoze


Its neither because i could tap to move, I could swipe to acroll my screen, and I could tap the chat button.


I have experienced this many times too, can be really annoying. It’s not the touchscreen but the game itself.

A simple fix is just to close the app on Android or press the home button 2 times and go back in on iOS.


Confirmed on Android. It’s really rare though.


Happens to me too.


Stuff going wrong. That’s why the best thing to do before seeking help with any computer problem is a restart :slight_smile: