Can’t watch ads for Time Crystals

I have an Apple iPad Mini that can’t watch ads for time crystals!! Is there a way to fix it?

Which version of iPadOS is it running?

13.3 I think

Restart the phone, if that doesn’t work email support at I’m not sure if deleting would be problematic.

Try updating it to the latest version of iPadOS.

When you say that what do you mean? Can you please tell me what happens when you tap the menu item to watch an ad for TCs?

It says there are no ads available. Also: Could I possibly just merge accounts instead?

If it says there are no ads available then that is the problem. It’s the ad provider saying that.

How can I fix that? (It only happens on one of my devices.)

You can’t. If nobody wants to advertise in your territory at that time there are no ads to watch. You just have to try again later.

Part of the problem is the game is more than seven years old, and is waning.