Can u get banned for copying someone’s world name on accident?

Ok, so this girl joins out server and says, You copied someone’s name, You should be ashamed. And we say that we didn’t know and she goes on to say how we’re horrible people even though we did nothing wrong. We ban her and think that is is a scam to get our world removed or something. She comes back with the same account even though we banned her and is like your an idiot and stuff, it gets really annoying and she starts ranting about we’re horrible people again. She just rants and rants about our server name even though we didn’t know that we were doing something bad. We all talk to this girl and she just keeps saying, you should be ashamed of your self, your rude. EVEN though she was screaming at us about accidentally taking a name? I don’t understand. She somehow got unbanned from the cloud using her same account too.

A lot of world names are used by more than one world. It is very common. This is no offense and will not get you banned.
You can report the annoying girl to milla, our community manager. Send her a PM giving the name of the world, the world’s owner, the IGN of the girl and the time it happened.


ppl can be mean just ban she off you ever and ignore that loser girl not let she boss you it you world/you friends idk if it you but she just trying be mean

Is that even possible?

Should not be possible…but I have seen some “hackers” do it.

I think they mean she somehow got unbanned from the server, not the cloud.

I mean the cloud most likely because nobody unbanned her I don’t think

It is quite possible that a rouge admin has unbanned her.

The owner, admin and mods can only ban a player from that particular world. A cloud ban can only be issued by the game developer’s staff.
Most likely the banned player came back with a slightly different name but you did not spot the difference.

Just a note that you can call your world anything within our content standards, i.e. nothing inappropriate or un-child-friendly. You can call all your worlds Rabbithole, if you wish, so long as you don’t try to impersonate Jemnidad.

There is no embargo on world names, and anyone claiming there are are being a wee bit unreasonable, and may be referred to me. My address is support at :slight_smile:

That said, if they want to ban you from their own worlds for having worlds with the same name, they can. Their loss!