Can we agree? (blog #1)

Hello and welcome to my “can we agree”, blog #1 topic today.
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We all can agree Blockheads is a good game ever since it came out IOS January 15, 2013, Android September 24, 2013.

~ The Blockhead has six statistics which can be accessed from the ingame mini-menu: Health, happiness, hunger, energy, and environment. The hunger and energy bar will constantly decrease, and the Blockhead must eat food to prevent the hunger bar from entirely depleting, which depletes the health bar. The energy bar, when depleted, will result in the Blockhead walking slowly and ‘collapsing from exhaustion’ (sleeping on the spot). This can be gradually filled by sleeping in a bed, on the ground, or can be filled instantly by consuming caffeinated items like coffee. The player must craft items to progress in the game. Crafting takes a certain amount of time, but this waiting process can be bypassed by using time crystals, which can be gained by watching short video ads, mining them in caves, or through in-app purchases. Players can also purchase double-time, a feature speeding up crafting times by twice the speed (hence the name, double-time).
I can basically say, A realistic type of game for a survival part.

~ The player can choose to join online servers, and play with other players. They can be hosted in several ways. Due to a new update to the game, players can now create single player worlds or servers with custom options, such as custom health values, how the world is generated, custom sun colors, and even customizing the items blockheads spawn with. In the most recent updates, it has included a new gamemode called “expert mode.”

~ We can agree this can make all games fun with their own type of settings among the game and opening to new servers and themes a server can have. BUT with the new update, TC are basically useless, say goodbye to TC drops/hacks. Though they are not completely useless they can help with speeding up a process and still creating another blockhead costing 50 tc, a trade portal and normal portals. Upgrades to these portals also costing TC.

~ From it’s popularity, making only public value and no profit (to most things), The updated changed all to many players to now title the game to “dumb”. Why do I keep repeating this update you hear about? Hello New users and welcome back veterans.

~ The new updated included many new building blocks, a few new animal life, new plants. Many new grateful things! Now creating servers cost real life money, most of the users who play the game and has the game rated to 12+ do not have much money but as any other game developer, they either need to take care of themselves and/or family. Some users who are 16+ have money but in some other’s prospective, wasting money on this game is “dumb”. though the cost doesn’t go up to $5. Wanting an ever lasting server can reach up to 5+ dollars.

~ Now I’m not here to point out flaws within this game, I myself am a user. A player. A veteran. This game is most of my childhood and it came with many adventures alone and with other people all over the world! Can we agree why this game is still a good game? With pole items, sea life, sky islands, climate, just what we might want to expect.

Please give this post a LIKE and COMMENT if you agree or even disagree and tell me why. Also am debating if I should write more so please tell me if I should. Thank you for reading! Have a great day/afternoon/night.



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Well, this is for people who actually care for anything worth a little read. Thank you very much.

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I never said I didn’t care.

Depends on how you read it, they may have meant something like “thanks for your input” and not trying to be rude, but…

Isn’t this a bit rude? @EDS put a lot of effort into their post and the first thing that someone says is that it’s too long and they didn’t read it. I think in this situation it would have been better if Wumbo said something else, TLDR is a bit harsh in most aspects.


No, it’s not. Sometimes when you put a bit of effort into writing something you don’t want to include a TL;DR, because you want people to read the whole thing. That’s the gist of the post, and it’s not in the least bit rude.

Also, for the record, if you think something is rude, report it. Don’t comment on it. That goes for both aj440000 and Shadow_katt.

And don’t report Wumbo’s post. He asked for a TL;DR and that was declined. Case closed.


I’d only say that tc is prob the only bad thing for now, when ur crafting something important for a long time. Or need to walk instead of teleport these things sure do get in the way of ur gameplay.

The gameplay comes in when you start exploring gathering and Building, as well how you do not have to (jump straight into making bronze ingots)

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I did not mean for my reply to come off as rude! i’m sorry for this misunderstanding!! thank you for trying to defend me. much love

I did not mean for my reply to you to come off as rude, I hope you can forgive me and overcome this misunderstanding.


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