Can we have Gifs as our pfps too

I think it’d be cool

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Is this in the game or the forums?

probably in forums

I’m not sure. I moved it here from suggestions, assuming it was forums, but maybe got it wrong :slight_smile:

Read each onebox from top to bottom. In conclusion, GIF files are supported.

I am not in support. It’s really annoying.


Haven’t we been through this discussion before? I remember something about it being supported in Discourse, but milla just doesn’t want it activated to reduce overhead or something.

I’m going to see if I can find a quote…

So the discussion I’m thinking of is this one, but there’s no input from milla, just statements that they’d be annoying and slow from Bibliophile and some random user.

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Maybe a rule could be added that would disallow annoying GIFs and such?

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Using a Gif as a profile picture doesn’t work. It makes it a still image.

@milla make it :smiley: I will have a cool gif photo prifuile that you will like :wink:

A profile picture should be used to recognize someone quickly. Not for the purpose of changing it for entertainment.

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I’m 99% sure that it’s been disabled.

It’s for the game

Thanks for letting us know. I don’t think we could have figured it out otherwise! :smile:

Okay thanks @Edgy_Chan, I’ll move the thread to #questions.

Why’d you post this then if it wasn’t so obvious?

One of the first things I did when Dave gave me access was to make sure animated avatars were disabled. This is a mobile-dense community. The less data to download and process the better.


Sure, that would make sense before late 2015 or so, but I think mobile devices are more than capable enough nowadays. The mobile version of Discord allows GIF profile pictures and so does Discourse on mobile, so why does it have to stay disabled?

I never said it had to stay disabled. I just don’t see any good reason to enable it, and see plenty of reasons not to. The drill is that you convince me that most people will be happier if I do and I will. Post a poll, maybe.

Well, I think it would bring out more personality of users and the like. I admittedly don’t have much of an argument.

For everybody else, please vote down below.

  • Enable GIFs to be used in profile pictures
  • Keep things the way they are

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I feel like keeping the things the same would be best for the fact of its been like that for a while now and no one complained about it so why change it?