Can we use your pictures and builds on our FB page?


If you’re happy for us to share your screenshots from this forum on our official FB page please post saying you approve of this use of your material, with the name you wish to have credited for your efforts. It seems simpler than asking every time. If you post a picture in this forum that you don’t want us to share simply include that fact in the post, and I will make a point not to use it :slight_smile:



Any picture of pixel art from my server posted here onto the forum is available to post on FB. My rule of thumb is to share only what I would share with everyone… Most of my shared pictures are here:

Mysterious builds... New build's on Caron's Peace

or here:


I agree to allow any of my builds to be used on FB.


Totally fine by me! Of course, it’s been a heck of a while since I posted a pic. I hope to make something Facebook worthy soon. Well, then again, it will be awfully difficult to post a picture of a worldwide railroad…:lol:


@Milla, you are quite welcome to share my Hello Kitty’s or any of my builds from the forums :hugs: It’s an honor to have them shared far and wide for everyone to enjoy.
IGN Louz.


If I ever get around to posting something worthy of sharing - absolutely fine! IGN: Same as forum name

Maybe my mapper can help with this? Though, I can’t imagine the amount of time it would take to explore everything for SGC… Also even with a zoomed out view, the resulting image would be over a quarter of a million pixels wide, and even your new Mac might struggle a bit with that!


I’m also fine to have anything I post to the forum shared, if I ever build anything good enough to share :joy: IGN MUMMYK


I have a few builds that I haven’t posted, but if I ever do, you’re welcome to use them!


Anything I’ve posted on here is fine by me.

IGN: TheBest1Ever


@milla, you’re most welcome to post any pictures from my forum posts if they are worthy for sharing :grin:



You have permission to post any pictures from my posts



You have my permission as well to post my pictures :slight_smile:

IGN is Jimmyf


Of course you my use any of my images.

IGN: joeu


Yeah! I’d be totally fine with that… If I ever make anything good enough! :sweat_smile:


you have my permission


You have my permission to use any of my screenshots or pictures of my builds on Facebook. My IGN is SHARIU2


You have my permission to share any of my posts



Please do! Of course you have permission to post any of my pictures.

Ign: thuthu


Totally this, for me too.

Credit it with “an anonymous builder” (just kidding, rather just go with “Lemonadeguy”).