Can we use your pictures and builds on our FB page?


Totally this, for me too.

Credit it with “an anonymous builder” (just kidding, rather just go with “Lemonadeguy”).


Hey Bib - I was thinking about your mapper for my worldwide rails, but in the end the resolution of the actual railway wouldn’t be captured - I would probably just take a few select shots of the famous bridges on SGE or SGC. (Actually, come to think of it - SGC’s railway is just one massive bridge… a skyway)

Oh and btw, it was Joe who got the new Mac. I have noting but my iPad at the moment (and my sluggishly slow Lenovo ThinkPad work computer).


If I ever do end up posting something that’s worth sharing, please feel free :slight_smile:

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Totally fine by me. I doubt I will every post anything FB worthy tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if you do post any of our stuff, you will let us know right?


You’re welcome to share anything I post. Ign: porky the chop


You have my permission to post any of my pictures.
Ign is Borg :blush:


Permission given.

IGN: I Need Pie (what a surprise…)


Yes, I will let you know.

Sorry, I have caught the flu, and it’s completely wiped me out. I’m taking a while to get stuff done this week.


Thats no good. :frowning: Hope you get better soon!


Oh no! Hope you feel better! Also yes you may share.


If I ever post anything good enough then, yeah


@milla absolutely! Please do so!


You have my permission to post my builds on fb (if I make stuff that’s could b considered “good” )


Anytime! (Ditto @Haque for the rest :stuck_out_tongue:)


Permission granted!

IGN - arachnidsGreed


Though I don’t post many pictures, I am fine with having them shared!
IGN Masterbuilder


Your welcome to post any of my pictures :smiley: IGN: smokey rabbit


I allow you to use some photos! I will upload them soon
Please use WolfLover999


Wasn’t clear if we needed to explicitly state “yes” or “no”, but I will state that you have permission to post my boring pictures.



Of course! Aren’t they OUR pictures after all? :+1: