Can we use your pictures and builds on our FB page?


Hey Bib - I was thinking about your mapper for my worldwide rails, but in the end the resolution of the actual railway wouldn’t be captured - I would probably just take a few select shots of the famous bridges on SGE or SGC. (Actually, come to think of it - SGC’s railway is just one massive bridge… a skyway)

Oh and btw, it was Joe who got the new Mac. I have noting but my iPad at the moment (and my sluggishly slow Lenovo ThinkPad work computer).


If I ever do end up posting something that’s worth sharing, please feel free :slight_smile:

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Totally fine by me. I doubt I will every post anything FB worthy tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if you do post any of our stuff, you will let us know right?


You’re welcome to share anything I post. Ign: porky the chop


You have my permission to post any of my pictures.
Ign is Borg :blush:


Permission given.

IGN: I Need Pie (what a surprise…)


Yes, I will let you know.

Sorry, I have caught the flu, and it’s completely wiped me out. I’m taking a while to get stuff done this week.


Thats no good. :frowning: Hope you get better soon!


Oh no! Hope you feel better! Also yes you may share.


If I ever post anything good enough then, yeah


@milla absolutely! Please do so!


You have my permission to post my builds on fb (if I make stuff that’s could b considered “good” )


Anytime! (Ditto @Haque for the rest :stuck_out_tongue:)


Permission granted!

IGN - arachnidsGreed


Though I don’t post many pictures, I am fine with having them shared!
IGN Masterbuilder


Your welcome to post any of my pictures :smiley: IGN: smokey rabbit


I allow you to use some photos! I will upload them soon
Please use WolfLover999


Wasn’t clear if we needed to explicitly state “yes” or “no”, but I will state that you have permission to post my boring pictures.



Of course! Aren’t they OUR pictures after all? :+1:



You can post my pictures