Can we use your pictures and builds on our FB page?


YES! absoloutly fine!


You have my permission to use any picture I have posted on The Blockheads Facebook page.



You have permission to post my pictures too!


Milla if you like one of my pictures you can post them, but i am not very good in building, thuthu and mama food supply are 10000 times better than me


I say yes, you can use any pictures by Teeny Dude and passenger driver are good to publish


I grant The Blockheads full permission to use any photo of mine posted here on their official Facebook page.

Name: Brer Rabbit


You can for sure use my build’s milla!



Any pictures I post on this forum, I am happy for you to use. I am happy for you to use my game name Firefly or my old blockhead forum name which I think was supergal1987. But preferably Firefly.


Didn’t see this till now but sure use whatever you want!



IGN:@TZF (becuase I couldnt use TZF since it was somehow taken)


You can use my pictures for the Facebook Page! …if it ever happens… IGN is same as forum name.

Do you post other people’s creations and tips too? Or just amazing builds?


If you want, you can pm milla for an SID merge if you want to retrieve your username.


I’m pretty bad at building, but if there’s ever a time when I build good, I approve!

IGN: Dichrif (I would prefer you use EpicGamer101 though)


seems a bit extreme for a username


It is by no means obligatory. And the process itself is quite simple.


might try it, I think the user of my name quit the game, since before I even created an account on this forum it was taken.

what do you mean by an SID merge btw?


I think Testif thought you lost your username, if wasn’t yours don’t bother telling support.


luckily i didnt do that


You have my permission. Player name: Sugarflop


Wow! Great Hogwarts! I just saw that model in person a few weeks ago.