Can you change your forum username

 Can you change your username on the forums?

Does it require a certain trust level?
I just would liked to know. :smiley:


You can message milla to ask her.

Go to her profile and hit “message” to message her. :slight_smile:




Please move category to #meta because it’s related to the forum. :slight_smile:




Yes, you can but it will break any mentions.

(I’m just going to use @Frater_Galaxy and @Brer-Rabbit for example)

If @Frater_Galaxy mentions @Brer-Rabbit then it will ping him.


If Brer decides to change animal and rename himself to T-Posing Crocker then Frater’s ping will look like plain text and not ping Brer.

Too complicated? :disappointed_relieved:

Oh yeah, Milla prefers to change usernames when the user is new, so there aren’t many mentions to that user.


I would like to change my ursername to Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyō-matsu Unrai-matsu Fūrai-matsu Kū-Neru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonaa no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke.
(Jk obviously not)






No. You just have to PM milla and ask her for the name you want, and in a few hours you should have it.