Can you get banned for hacking to help a server?

I know someone who hacks but he uses it to help the server he is very nice and doesn’t try to Grief the server. Can you still get banned?

You mean like a white-hat hacker?

Edit: Ultimately it depends on the servers I think, if it says in the rules of the server that you’re on not to do any sort of hacking then they can ban you from that server.

I do not know about from the game in general though, someone who’s been here longer will hopefully correct me if I am wrong and continue.

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That makes sense

I mean hacking is hacking so probably :man_shrugging:

If the server allows it? I don’t think so.

That’s up to the owner of the world. Some world owners do not permit the use of cheats on their worlds, and they may ban if not asked for permission to help.