Can you see who adds credit


Okay so someone added credit in my server but idk who it was there are 3 different people in my server saying there the one who added credit but idk who it was or if it was even one of them in the first place please help


You could ask them to send you proof via the discord app :slightly_smiling_face: If they‘re on IOS they can send you the ITunes bill :+1:t3:


You can ask Milla.


Can Asyc do that too?


No, that’s not available to anyone but myself and Dave. I will only verify claims of adding credit too. I will not tell you if someone has if they haven’t claimed to have done so.


When someone adds some credit maybe it should announce to the server like “SuperNoob46 has added 1 Month of Credit to the Server!” It would help and then when they check the Owner Portal they would know who added the Credit.


It wouldn’t be helpful to people who wish to donate anonymously.


Maybe there could be you could select it to say your username or Anoymous that could work?


I think we will just leave things as they are at present.


This could be an idea in the future maybe 2.0+


Oo I like that just like twitch when someone donates