Can You Solve It? [A Riddle Game]


Simple. I’ll start by posting a riddle. Whoever gets it right will make their riddle. If they can’t think of a riddle or don’t want to post a riddle, then someone else gets to post their riddle. It continues on untill this thread is ded :skull_and_crossbones:


  • No riddles against the forum rules
  • You can repeat riddles, but try to keep it to a minimum. It starts to get boring after the same riddle over and over again
  • Have fun :smiley: =D
  • Don’t search up the answer! If you do, you’re not allowed to post the answer.
  • You get one try per riddle. Answer wisely! :wink:

Riddle #1:
I am a rare occasion where today comes before yesterday.




Time zones




A dictionary


@GoodGradesBoy Correct


A man was walking accross a road. A car was driving on the road. The man was completely black, dressed, hair etc. The car stopped in time for the man to survive. How did the driver see the completely dark man with his headlights off?




This riddle makes no sense

… is it a knife?




I run but have no legs
A bed but I don’t sleep
A mouth but I don’t speak


A river?


Very nice. Kid level riddle but still a little difficult if you over think it.


Ree @Alexandra_Inglorien make a riddle


@Alexandra_Inglorien your turn


@ElTaPa @williamjs I’m here. :smiling_imp:

I solved this riddle yesterday, and thought it was interesting. I modified a lot of it so it can’t be googled. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here it is!

There is a magical castle in the sky that houses seventy people. They all have one tiny gem on their foreheads, in between their eyebrows (and you can’t take it off. It’s permanent).

The seventy people on this floating castle DO NOT know the following information inside these brackets:

[Half (35) of them have pink gems, and the other half (also 35) have yellow gems.]

All 70 of them don’t know what color their gems are, either.

A magical train visits the castle every night, and will only take back those who have figured out the color of their gems back to the ground.

No one can talk to each other and ask what color their gem is, and there is no mirror or other reflective means to figure it out.
Only the Grand Master.

Now if you had a pink gem on your forehead, you would see 35 people with yellow gems, and 34 with pink.
BUT for all you know, you could have a purple gem, and the number could be,
34 pink, 35 yellow, and 1 purple.

The Grand Master mentioned before says,
“I see at least one person with a pink gem.”

Who leaves (and what color are their gems), and on which night(s)?

[yes, everyone in the castle is very intelligent and will figure it out as fast as possible]


Oh wow this is hard but I kind of know the answer because I know a different version of this.

All I can say is that at the 34 or 35th night. They all leave?


Good guess, almost correct! Any other guesses?


Similar thing happens for the other colour doesn’t it? But pink leaves first

So at the 35th night, all the pink gems leave the island leaving the other colour on the island.


Yup, on the 35th night, the pink gem fellows all leave.