Can You Solve It? [A Riddle Game]


Oh wow this is hard but I kind of know the answer because I know a different version of this.

All I can say is that at the 34 or 35th night. They all leave?


Good guess, almost correct! Any other guesses?


Similar thing happens for the other colour doesn’t it? But pink leaves first

So at the 35th night, all the pink gems leave the island leaving the other colour on the island.


Yup, on the 35th night, the pink gem fellows all leave.


You are a prisoner and a guard decides to give you a chance for freedom.

He brings you to an abandoned warehouse where there are three doors. The guard shows you three switches on a wall near the warehouse entrance, and tells you that they are power switches connected to the three rooms, each with a lamp on a table. He even shows you and sure enough, there is one lamp shade on a small square table in each of the rooms and it’s the only thing plugged in.

The task is to find which switch powers which room.

You can flick the switches as many times as you need but when you’re done, they can’t be changed when you go to inspect the rooms.

You can only enter a room once and close the door behind you when you go to the next room.

All the doors stay closed until you are going through them, there are no windows, cracks or openings as far as you can tell.

You think this is pretty stupid, but you also want freedom and you would try it if it means you have a chance of success. So you start flicking a switch to see if maybe you can see light under a door but you can’t see anything.

How do you solve this?


if the warehouse is abandoned, then how is there still power?

conspiracy theory


pull out the switches and see the wires


Consider the fact you might get shot for cheating lol
But that’s good try lol

@VolcanoFlame a person can own a warehouse even after the previous company has left. After all, you can buy a broken down house, plus it’s land and renovate it later.

@Alexandra_Inglorien what do you think of this puzzle?


Being lazy, before I give it further thought, I must know:
Does the room with switches have a light? Or is it outside at the “warehouse entrance”, on a lone, separate wall?

my engrish bad, im sorry

But honestly, if it were me, I’d go through each room and grab the lamps–and then put all the lamps in the same room because the rules are kind of loose.
Unfortunately, life is more complex than that.


Again. You might get shot for cheating lol.

As I saw it, you walk in the entrance, on the wall near by was three power switches and in front of you is three doors to three rooms, each with a short cord lamp on a square table.

The basics is that the switches are too far from those rooms to manipulate since there’s nothing in the warehouse other than the items mentioned. And all doors have to be closed.

After flipping the switches, when you go to the rooms you can touch and examine the lamps and light bulbs. As long you don’t remove anything from their places.


You should’ve mentioned in the OP we’d get shot.
RIP Raymond and I.

Could you flip a switch, wait a long time, flip the next one, wait, flip the next one, and wait. And turn them off. Then go inside, and inspect the lightbulbs of the lamps to see how hot they are and compare them.

Or alternatively, only test out two for convenience matters and leave one light on. At least you’d figure out one room. xD


Almost. They do get warm.


But why can’t you turn on one lamp, and leave it burning. Then leave another one burning, but for a shorter time.
Turn these two switches off, and flick on the last switch.
The cooler lamp and the hotter one would have a difference, and the one switch left on is self-explanatory.


Why have two burning? If you needed one to be cooler than the other and last one on anyway?


Oh yeah, good point.


Got a solution yet? You’re pretty close


Leave one burning, switch it off, turn one on. Apologies for the obvious mistake just now, my brain is questionable. :stuck_out_tongue:


This will make three types of bulbs!

One that’s cool, another that’s warm and a third that is on. As long as you remember what you did with the switches, all lamps can be matched to a switch. Very nice!


Ahh, my brain doesn’t work, the answer is too obvious! xD

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to think of a riddle right now…


Want to try another? Harder or easier?