Can You Solve It? [A Riddle Game]


Maybe harder?


Omg, alright. Here we go.

The same guard, having being out smarted, thought he would challenge a few more prisoners.

He takes ten more people to a room so they can talk.

He tells them they will be made to stand in a straight line with the tallest at the back, to the shortest at the front of the line. They are not to look around, touch each other or speak.

He tells them a random of red or green stone will be placed on their heads. So of course the tall one in the back with see nine stones on top of the people in front of him, the second tallest will see eight stones and so on.

He tells them that from the back to the front, each of them will say either ‘red’ or ‘green’, trying to guess what colour is on their heads. But only one answer each and only one error is allowed.

You can discuss what ever strategises you can but know that when you come out and all is a set up, you can’t look around, signal each other in any way, raise or lower your volume. You can only say either red or green.

As they step out, there are more guards this time and you know they are serious about cheating


There are 4 people in a mansion.
There was a city wide blackout.
After the storm, someone was found dead.
Who did it?
1st person: I was cleaning, waiting for the storm to pass
2nd person: I was reading in my room.
3rd person(haha sounds like bird person): I was watching TV

Who is the murderer?


3rd person, because you can’t watch TV in a blackout, to my knowledge.

@ElTaPa what’s the goal here? Get all the prisoners out safely? (Or could some be sacrificed?) And do we get to know (but not the prisoners) how much of each color there is?




All the prisoners have to try to answer correctly. But with only one error allowed.

If it makes it easier I can make up a combination.

  1. Green
  2. Green
  3. Green
  4. Red
  5. Green
  6. Red
  7. Red
  8. Red
  9. Green
  10. Green

Having determined a strategy already when they lined up, the tallest person calls out ‘Red’, which is fine because they were allowed one error and everyone else upon hearing the word ‘red’, were able to get the other colours right.

How did they do it?


After a lot of staring, my minuscule brain has drawn up a conclusion involving some…Early Math for the young.
Also known as what my level of math has decreased into.
The first guy who yells ‘red’ is up to something, is all I can say. Jk.

Based on what the person behind them said + what colors they can see, both 2. and 3. see/hear an even number of green stones.
What my not very eloquent language skills are trying to convey is;

After the first guy, if you have a green stone, you will see/know there are four other green stone people. Same for red.
Let’s say I was number 2.

“The guy behind me screamed ‘Red’! And I see 4 red stones in front of me…1 + 4 = 5, and I see only 4 green stone people. Because strategy someone idk discussed, I know I am green.”

Or if I was no. 4:

“There’s 1 red behind me and 3 in front. 1 + 3 = 4–so I am red. Because there are already 5 green stones.”


Haven’t seen it put that way but yeah. That’s pretty much it. I changed the first persons colour so that he would implement the ‘code’ but also get his colour wrong. And I changed a lot of details so that it’s very hard to try and google it.

Originally it was aliens that took people and tested if the human race was smart enough or if they were going to kill them. Something like that. And the people were wearing white and black hats. Hehe

What other puzzles can we try?


Let’s try one I saw.

I have a large pile of coins to give you

Each coins has a gold and silver side with no dicernable different between each side except the colour.

They are all stack in multiple towers of coins of varying sizes.

I simply ask that if you can make two piles and that they should have the same number of silver sides faced up as each other, I will let you have all the coins.

As you approach the pile, the lights turn off.

  1. You know where the coins are without knocking them over

  2. There’s no difference in the silver and gold sides expect for its colour.

  3. Though you have to work in the dark until you are finished, you can easily pick up the coins and arrange them however you need to.

  4. Before the lights turned off, you were able to count 24 coins that we’re facing silver side up

So how do will you make two piles with the same number of face up silver sides?


I taste them


was ‘i’ holding a flashlight?
was the room totally pitch black?

no wait i geddit before approaching the pile i memorized the order of which coins were facing silver side up, and which were not. So i took the coins from the pile,and stacked them in order(like the topmost coin at the top, next coin at the next spot,and vv). By that time, i already flip the coins that werent the right way up,(according to my memory and sense of touch).
and i made two stacks of the coins right way up, 12 coins per stack.


Lol. Nah, you were just able to count them.

And you counted 24 silver side up coins. By now if you pick up any coin you don’t know if they would be silver or gold side up.

You can take many on little number of coins to do with them whatever. Leave them or flip them, by keep in mind if you just take bunch of coins and then randomly them, there’s a chance you be flipping a silver side into a gold side. You can if you want to but as long as the two piles have the same number silver face as each other.

And yes it’s pitch black and this puzzle would be pretty pointless if you had a flashlight. So you will have to work in the dark and when you say you are done, the lights will turn on.

But you can’t touch the coins after the light turns on. You have to do everything in the dark