Candy Cane Crush- Advent Calendar, Dec. 15, 2019 Server-AAE

What is Candy Cane Crush? What are the rules?

Candy Cane Crush is a mini-game designed for the 2019 Advent Calendar.

The objective of the game is to compete with other players to get to the bottom of a hole. Stone, wood, and dirt is placed so you have have to switch tools constantly. The rules and point system are listed in the picture.

When and Where is this?

This will be hosted on my server, An Alpha’s Echo. If you want to catch me on my server, try to stop by 6-7pm EST. :slight_smile:

What are the rewards?

The rewards are to be announced, but you can expect that the 2019 Advent Event Winner Shrine will be made for the winner.

The event will last until 12/16/19 (EST, of course).

The winner will be announced next week on 12/22/19.

Where can I get the port/join link?

Search options/advanced:
port 15113

Join Link:’S%20ECHO

Good Luck! :christmas_tree:

(Advent Calendar is created by @Bibliophile)

Edit: Make sure to hop on so you don’t miss out on this awesome event!
The event will be on right side of spawn (by foot/jet pack, it’s on the path, so it should be hard to find)


I guess I’m a bit too late…

Sadly the event is over. However, I am debating on whether of creating a duplicate event or extending it to the 26th or 27th (as a unrelated contest because then the advent event would have ended) so the map can be made more of.