Cannot connect to servers with name ”Blocky1” Fixed

I’m unable to join servers with the name ”Blocky1” it says that it is taken.

Edit: Fixed

This isn’t a glitch. It says it is taken.

It still happens on servers where I know it is not taken.

Usernames are global.

@Blocky1 message milla with your support id now and previous support id

It happens when joining new servers where I know it is not taken.
@williamjs no, they are not.

Names aren’t tied to cloud servers. Names are tied to the whole cloud… as williamjs said.

Names are only per-server when joining mac servers.


I’ve PMed you, @Blocky1.

They’re global?

If you join a world with an in-game name in the cloud, that name is then exclusively yours in the cloud. No, they’re not global, as this doesn’t apply to mac-hosted worlds or local multiplayer worlds (singleplayer shared), but it is a fact within our cloud hosting platform.