Cannot join game under my old username


I did some stuff to my phone today and now I can’t join a server using my old username. Anyone know why this is? It keeps popping up as my name being taken already


Do you get some sort of message saying that the username is already taken?


I think you support ID has changed. To fix this, find you current support ID:

Tap the pause button
Tap help/credits
Scroll down towards the bottom to find your Support ID.
NOTE: Do NOT share this with anyone besides Dave, milla, idk the others.

You will want to PM milla and tell her that support ID. I believe you have to tell her a few other things, but I don’t remember what. However, it seems you are new here (Welcome, have a cookie :cookie: btw). To get your trust level up, you’ll need to scroll around the forums and read a few posts.


Yes I did


Apple ID helps you retrieve a lot of things including blockhead online worlds AND your own name.

Now there seems to be nothing you can do about your offline worlds but when I got blockhead back I gained access to all my online worlds. The only issue is that anything you might have had in your portal chests with be completely gone.


I’ve sent you a private message about this.


the same thing is happening to me :confused:


I have sent you a private message.