Cannot join my world as the owner of my world

I’ve been trying for the last few hours to re join my server as the owner after disconnecting and It will not load in if I join my world as the owner but it’s fine if I joined with a new name and I play on iOS has someone hacked me or something?

Have you ever joined the server with a separate account? Like by leaving the world, and re-searching for the world, and joining with a different name? If so, you need to forget the world on that account before joining again on your main.

I have tried this it just will not allow me to join unless I join with a new blockhead and name

Hmmmm :thinking:

Can hackers ban owners somehow or something or block them from connecting?

I would guess that it isn’t a hacker, just a glitch. Hackers don’t break everything in the game, it’s just that blockheads is now more than 7 years old, and isn’t getting much attention from the developer anymore. There are many glitches in the game that aren’t caused by hackers.

They ruin the fun in the game and hack to get servers free and greifing and harrassing servers is all they do so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one going around blocking owners from their own worlds

Still is a bit of a stretch. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if we want to solve the problem, we have to consider all of the possibilities. Including hackers and glitches.

Well I’ve tried everything tbh

Alright. I recommend PMing @milla. Do this by tapping on her name icon and pressing message. She should be able to help you more than I can.

I can’t find any message buttons

@SZK This video should help.

Are you getting an error message about your account being taken, or does it just hang/disconnect you?
For the former, Milla can help merge accounts because somehow your device ID changed.

If it’s the latter, then I think you have an issue on your side with resources exceeding the capacity of your device. Make sure you clear out the memory tray of apps not being used. And try it on a good wifi connection.

I have a not even half full 512 GB memory perfectly functioning iPhone it just refuses to load the one world if I join as it’s owner and loads without hesitation for any other username I join with

Does it say that the username is already taken? If so, it’s probably something to do with iOS and gamecenter’s account binding. You can pm milla to get this resolved.

It wont allow me to join with the username after loading two thirds and Ive tried to get back on hundreds of times now and tried everything

I’ll be back on here tomorrow gotta sleep

Can you log into the owner portal and look for any errors on the console when you try to join the game with that user? There might be something glitchy in your inventory or the location of your blockheads that crashes the game.

Is it a cloud or Mac server? Or is it SP?

Do you remember your owner portal password?

I’m about to message you. It sounds like your support ID has changed.