Can't Change Privacy Settings for TC

So I was sure I pressed ‘allow’ at first, but I can’t watch any ads for TC. I go to settings and press ‘allow’ and it tells me to restart, so I close and open my game but I still receive no ads and still have the option to press ‘allow.’ This is my 2nd day playing. The only privacy option in android’s settings is storage.


What version of Android is your device running?

Time crystal ads seem to be broken across the board for Android, due to the system running them for that variant of the game going bankrupt and closing. Noodlecake (the Android developers) can’t update right this moment due to new restrictions put in place by Google.


Not new restrictions, but new requirements. It seems that The Blockheads targets Android 8.1 (Oreo), but Google updated the app requirements, so that all new updates to games must target Android 9 (Pie). Later this year they will probably require app developers to target Android 10.

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Version 9. I have a software update available but don’t wish to waste space on it, plus the constant notification shifts up my lock clock, and i set my wallpaper to Goku holdimg the spirit bomb where the clock is so I require it so its always in the right place.

Other replies indicate updating wont help. Thanx.

In that case, you should try contacting the developer support email.

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Don’t update to Android 10 yet, if the update says that it will update your phone to Android 10. Otherwise the WebView will break on The Blockheads, causing you to not be able to get on servers. It would really help if Noodlecake could do something a bit faster, but that’s our only option right now…

They can’t. They’re waiting for support from Google.