Can't Click Inventory

I just reinstalled The Blockheads for that sweet sweet nostalgia, but since the bottom of the screen is cut off i can’t click my inventory or even finish the tutorial! Please Blockhead developers, fix the bug and update it ASAP so i an indulge in your beautiful app again! :slight_smile:

Are you on Apple, Android, or something else? And is auto-rotate on?
Also, this topic should be under either #bugs-glitches or #bugs-glitches-android

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Awww thanks for the help, i just made my account today so sorry i am new! :S

I have an android phone, and yes i do make it a habit to have auto-rotate activated. But still the bottom of the screen is cut off! :o

Take a look at this.

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No worries. Welcome to the forums!

Sometimes turning off auto-rotate will fix it, if it doesn’t rotate on startup. If you have the issue where every time you rotate to portrait it goes landscape and vice versa, lock it to the clockwise direction, and keep it rotated that way until it rotates to normal. This has worked for me, so I hope it helps.

@WumboJumbo: I never knew there was another topic on this


Welcome to the forums!

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