Can't connect to a world


Yo Mattrick! It’s Pony! I still can’t get on to Small Desert!! Can you figure out what happened? It keeps kicking me out or not loading at all!

Problem with trains

Pony!! I was wondering where you and everyone else went!! You are not on the blacklist, I’m not sure why you can’t sign in. Hmmm. Is anyone else having this problem, like Warrior or Cap?

Maybe @milla can help?

Milla, The world is called “SMALL DESERT” by Britton, and my friend @ThistleSpice (Name in the server is “PONY-POP”) hasn’t been able to sign in. Can you help us?


This is probably device related if ThistleSpice can log in sometimes. They should try clearing apps from the device’s memory (not removing the apps, just cleaning up the active ones). The next thing is making sure they’re on a good connection. Wifi is best. And then look to possible issues in their inventory. Safes full of stacks of trade portals are notoriously bad, but I avoid safes with any type of other container inside as well as stacks of any complex item like portals, shops, caged animals, etc.


My iPad is also full on storage, could that also be a problem happening? If it is, I don’t know what happened for the others cause I have only seen Hope on. I’m able to get on other servers with no problems so I’m still unsure what’s wrong.


Yes Hope has been on, I saw Warrior yesterday too-- first time in a long time. So does it never let you connect to Small Desert, or sometimes? Have you tried closing all your apps out and reopening BH?


That would be a problem, but it shouldn’t be such a problem on worlds you’ve never joined before, because no fog would be cleared.


What’s the storage capacity of your iPad?


I am able to join just fine.