Can't create server, Insufficient Balance

I’m trying to create a server so me and my friend can play together, but the purchase screen says I don’t have enough money. When I tried testing this with gems, I had enough balance. Please Help!


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The 7 days server cost $1, and I have $1.22. But the purchase screen shows I have $0.96.

On May 26 2018, and the cost was $1.04 for a different app

Hi, so what’s going on is that a glich is going around wear money doesn’t work go ask blockheads support team for help

Ok, I’ll go ask them and see if this fixs it.

Is this only blockheads? Maybe it is your device.

I’ve tried making purchases on other apps, but I had the money ($1.22) that I’m supposed to. I also had money to buy gems, and I also had money for that. It seems like this only happened for world credit.


Definitely not a problem with the Blockheads itself. Try restarting your phone and trying again. If you continue to have issues you may want to contact Google Play support as it would appear to be an issue with Google Play.

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Ok, thank you! I’ll definatly try this.

That must really be a bummer!

It might be because it says “$0.99 plus tax”

It says plus tax.